Public Notice - Purchase of Non-Membership Service


The Worcester Regional Retirement Board is considering adopting the following policy relative to the purchase of non-membership service.

Members of the System may only purchase and receive credit for past non-membership service rendered in a member unit of the System consistent with the provisions of M.G.L. c. 32 § 4(2)(c), or service rendered in a member unit of the System as a reserve or permanent-intermittent or police officer or as a reserve, permanent-intermittent or call firefighter pursuant to Section 4(2)(b), or if the past service was rendered under the jurisdiction of another retirement system, such service may only be purchased pursuant to Section 3(5) if rendered in a temporary, provisional or substitute capacity, provided that the individual was excluded from membership in the other retirement system.  All prior non-membership service shall be calculated with 139 hours being the equivalent of one (1) month of creditable service.”

Members are encouraged to review their creditable service and purchase prior services accordingly.