Social Security

apply for benefits at www.socialsecurity.govWhat You Should Know
Massachusetts public employees are not covered by Social Security. Neither you nor your public employer pay into the Social Security system and therefore you do not earn Social Security credits for your work in your town or district.

You may earn Social Security credits through private sector employment, or through your spouse’s employment. If you are eligible to receive a Social Security benefit, those benefits may be affected by your Worcester Regional Retirement System benefits.

There are two important provisions in Social Security that may affect your benefit from them: the Windfall Elimination Provisions (WEP), and the Government Pension Offset(GPO).

Windfall Elimination Provision
Under this provision Social Security may reduce what you expect to receive from them by using a modified formula to calculate the Social Security benefit. You will still receive a Social Security benefit, but it will be reduced.

Government Pension Offset
If you are eligible to receive a Social Security benefit because of you spouse’s employment or a widow’s benefit these benefits may be reduced under the Government Pension Offset provision. The offset will be 2/3 of the amount of the amount you receive from the Worcester Regional Retirement System. This provision will reduce the Social Security benefit according to the offset formula and may even reduce it entirely.

These are some exceptions and we urge you to review these issues more closely by linking to the Social Security website or calling the local Social Security office.

Remember that these provisions apply only to Social Security. Benefits earned in the Worcester Regional Retirement System will not be affected.